Archival Sealing
  • Aluminum barrier tape
  • Archival backing paper
  • Museum-quality archival filler boards
checkPrevents acidic dust from entering frame package

Museum-Quality Mats
  • Cotton rag mats with Artcare® technology
  • 100% virgin alpha cellulose (Alphamat Artcare™)
checkSlows paper degredation
checkNeutralizes acid by-products
checkProtects again damaging pollutants

UV-Filtering Glass
  • Archival UV filtering glass and Acrylite®
checkLimit intensity, exposure to light
checkReduce permanent damage caused by light

Archival Mounting
  • Mounting Strips
  • Handmade Japanese paper with wheat or rice starch hinges
  • 100% cotton archival mounting boards, acid/lignin free
checkEliminates use of adhesives on artwork
Prevents acid buildup

Artcare® and Alphamat Artcare™ are trademarks of Nielsen Bainbridge™. Acrylite® is a trademark of American® Frame.

“In the fabric of space and in the nature of matter, as in a great work of art, there is, written small, the artist’s signature.”
-- Carl Sagan, astronomer